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Delegate To Preserve Your Professionalism

As a respected professional in your community, your reputation is valuable, so why would you want to compromise it by doing tasks that discredit your professionalism?  With a Virtual Office Assistant you can delegate those projects that are “beneath” you and preserve your valuable time and the level of professionalism that you have strived so hard to achieve.  It just makes sense to hire an experienced assistant who can do a better job for a lot less than what your time is worth.  


Public Relations: Connect With Your Community

Trying to connect with your local community, but lack the resources and savvy?  There’s a solution for that … Hiring a Virtual Assistant to promote you can increase your productivity and your client/prospect base.  

Setting Up Speaking Engagements: Become An Expert In Your Community

Public Speaking is a great way to become known as an expert in your community.  Let's discuss your target market and how to get in front of them.   


Article Submission: Makes You More Credible

Have articles that you would like to get published?  That's a great way to get recognized and gain credibility and we can help.    

Client Services: Turn Prospects Into Clients

Need someone to contact the prospects that you gather from your articles, speaking engagements, and other PR? Call on a professional who understands what it takes to turn those prospects into clients.  Using an experience Virtual Assistant to call on your valued prospects can save you time and money, while increasing your conversion rate.


Customer Service:  A Professional Representative For Your Customer Base

When you need someone who understands how to best promote your business and keep your customers happy, but you don’t have a team in place or are short on staff, we can come to your aide.


Event Preparation and Advice: Marketing, Hiring, Printing

Planning an event and have no time or expertise at hiring help, preparing documents, and having them printed.  A Virtual Office Assistant can come to your rescue.


Post-Event Outreach and Follow Up: We’ll Make The Calls For You

Once the event is over it is crucial to make prompt follow up calls to the leads that you have collected.  Consider outsourcing your outreach and follow up needs to a results driven team that will focus on making your marketing campaign flourish.  Personal contact will show your potential customers that they matter and will leave them with the feeling that your firm is caring, courteous, available, and able to meet their needs. 


Email Screening

There comes a point in every successful professional’s life when even reading emails becomes a menial task.  When your career reaches that point, we’re here for you.  Our team will sort through your daily influx of emails, alert you to important information, and shield you from the inevitable negativity.

Additional Services Considered: Need Services Not Listed Above?

We encourage you to inquire about your job specifics as we network with VA's in various fields and may have resources available to fit your needs.


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